They may be in a race for $1 million, but Well Strung violinists Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant are a little more concerned about another element of their experience on Season 30 of “The Amazing Race.”

In a pre-Race interview with CBS, the two members of the string quartet admitted that while they’ve appeared on national television before, this will be an entirely new experience for them, and they’re curious to see what happens as a result.

“We’ve been on national television before, but it’s always been for music, where we perform a song and talk for a little bit,” Chris says. “This is like, all the filters are gone, you’re racing against other people, other adults, for a million dollars. And the stakes are so high.”

“I was tell him before, the stakes are high for me when I’m hungry and I’m racing for a cheeseburger, but put a million dollars on top of that? I’ve never experienced that before. I don’t know what it’s going to do to our psyche,” he continues.

“And then the exhaustion? That’ll just kill any filter,” Trevor says

“Right? There’s going to be no ability to filter anything, so I guess we’ll see!” Chris adds.

However, while the pair can’t promise how they’ll react to the different situations they face, they do think that their differences in personality will help them as they try to beat the other teams, noting that they’ll use their differences as they approach the challenges.

“Trevor and I have very strong, stark differences that are going to play well together during the race,” Chris says.

“He’s more the pragmatist, planner, dates, deadlines guy,” Trevor adds.

“Trevor likes to think critically about everything,” Chris continues. “And he’s more often the naysayer of my gung’hoedness.”

However, Trevor prefers a different word when it comes to how he handles his bandmate and boyfriend.

“I’m going to say editor,” he jokes.

Will Trevor and Chris be able to find a filter that keeps them out of trouble during “The Amazing Race?” Find out when Season 30 debuts on Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

Amazing Race Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant may be racing for $1 million, but they’re more concerned about something else on “The Amazing Race.” Photo: CBS

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