when we get validation from peers or loved ones, it’s great, but we can’t live for other’s validation.💫 // Lust For Life is available through amazon or sylvestermcnutt.net



  1. We all start out this life striving to impress the world around us but once we learn that the only person we need to impress is the one doing the impressive things, ourself, you will always be good enough for you, even if you strive to be a better version, fuck what other people perceive you as, you’re a diamond in the rough and only you are willing and capable to dig deep enough in the sand to find the precious and godly soul that hides within you! #MyTwoCents

  2. @olivehoneybelle I sympathize with you and I understand. Have you been to therapy to work on that pain body. I’ve been to therapy before and highly recommend it to help heal from childhood trauma. In fact, I’m going to go again in 2018 to heal more!!


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