A bizarre slow speed police chase saw officers stuck behind a steamroller that was veering all over the road.

The clip was shared by traffic police on at Greater Manchester Police with the funny caption: “Er Sgt what do we do with this one”.

The roadroller was believed to have been stolen and had a man behind the wheel.

In the dashcam footage the officer starts the police car’s blue lights flashing and sounds the siren, but the steam roller driver carries on his joyride.

The officer can be heard confirming over the radio that it is a steamroller they are chasing.

“It is, yeah, one male on board,” the policeman says.

Police officers chased the road roller along the street

They reached speeds of 5mph

“It’s clearly knocked off and he’s gonna do a runner in a second.”

The driver of the construction vehicle abandoned it in Bolton and then ran off through a garden, reports the Manchester Evening News .

No arrests have been made.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said enquiries are being made this morning to ensure the vehicle was actually stolen.

Anyone with further information or any witnesses can contact police on 101.

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