A supersized couple who lost an amazing 12 stone for their wedding looked so different some of their guests failed to recognise them.

Katie Abrahams met Liam Plumtree in a nightclub in 2008 and before long the pair were in love .

Over the years nurse Katie, now 27, ballooned to 15-and-a-half stone and wore a size 20 while Liam reached nearly 20 stone and wore size XXL clothes.

But following a proposal during a brewery tour in 2014, the couple vowed to slim down for their October 2016 wedding.

Liam and Katie before they lost the weight

Katie on her 21st birthday when she weighed over 15 stone

Joining a slimming group shortly after their pact, they each shed six stone – making Katie a slender nine-and-a-half stone and Liam a trim 14 stone.

And their transformation was so great that on their wedding day some guests failed to recognise them.

“I’m still a fat-girl at heart,” admitted Katie, of Leeds, West Yorkshire. “But I no longer eat cakes, Greggs pastries and crisps.

“I’m no longer Bruce Bogtrotter… and the wedding photos prove that.

“For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to fit into skinny jeans.”

Katie and Liam on their wedding day in October 2016

Liam added: “One of the best things about losing weight was feeling so confident on our wedding day. We finally felt confident in our own skin.”

Katie, whose weight problems began in her teens, recalled how a doctor labelled her “morbidly obese” when she hit 13 stone aged 16 ahead of a routine operation to treat a split tendon in her left foot which had been aggravated by her size.

Going on to study community nursing at Leeds University aged 18, she gorged on fatty foods like takeaway pizza.

And when she became a nurse she felt guilty advising people on healthy habits- knowing she was overweight herself.

Katie in her size 10 wedding dress

“One patient described me as a ‘big girl’ which, while true, I found upsetting,” she confessed.

“I’d gorge on sandwiches from Greggs, cake, cereal and go through milk like nobody’s business.”

Still, it did not stop her from hitting on Liam, then 19, when she spotted him at Leeds’ Oceana nightclub in 2008.

“I was around 14 stone at the time,” she recalled. “I spotted him and thought he was really good-looking, so went up to him and asked, ‘How did you get to be so fit?

“I remember he replied, ‘If you think I’m fit, you should look at yourself.’”

Liam weighing 19 stone a week before he joined Slimming World

Liam at his target weight – 14.7 stone

They soon became a couple, indulging their love of food on restaurant dates and by stuffing their faces in front of films.

Then in April 2014, during a tour of a brewery for his birthday, Liam proposed.

The couple set a date to marry in October 2016.

“But I was worried,” recalled Katie. “I didn’t want to be Bruce Bogtrotter on my wedding day.

“So, I told Liam I was going to a slimming club, and begged him to come, too.”

Katie at 10.12 stone

It was then that Liam revealing he had been stuffing his face with sweet treats on his way home from work.

“I hadn’t realised he was embarrassed about his size, too,” said Katie. “But he told me he wanted to lose weight as well.

“It really helped losing weight together because every time one of us tried to cheat the other one stopped it.”

In October 2015, Katie chose a chiffon white wedding dress in a size 18 at a Leeds bridal boutique.

But over the next few months it had to be taken in four times until it was a size 10.

“The seamstress told me off and banned me from losing any more weight,” laughed Katie.

“When we got married on October 15, 2016, it was brilliant. But some guests admitted they hadn’t recognised us because we’d lost so much weight.”

The couple, who plan to honeymoon in Florida later this year, are still slimming.

“When I think back to the bullies who called me Bruce Bogtrotter, I know I got the last laugh,” said Katie. “I married the man of my dreams – and am healthy to boot.”

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