SAN PEDRO, Calif. (KABC) —

A stolen vehicle suspect led authorities on a bizarre chase that ended with the suspect bailing from the vehicle near the waterfront in San Pedro and climbing on structures in the port.

The chase started around 3:50 p.m. in the area of Mid-City by the westbound 90 Freeway. Authorities began a chase with the suspect, who they believed had stolen a white SUV.

At some point, authorities lost the vehicle on the 90 Freeway. He was spotted again around 5:40 p.m. and headed through Carson on the 405 Freeway.

The chase eventually ended up in Long Beach and then in the Wilmington area along the waterfront. After driving around erratically for several minutes, the suspect fled from the car, leaving it to roll away.

The suspect, donning a Los Angeles Lakers jersey, climbed up several flights of stairs before breaking into a room through a window on the door and then quickly hopping back out.

The man was last seen wandering around the top of the crane-like structure, hundreds of feet above the ground.

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