For fans who live and breath Disney, the love goes beyond a few visits to the theme parks, it becomes a way of life. Be it Disneybounding or cosplay, Disney tends to find its way into your outfits—and even your mindset—with Disney quotes powering your spirit all day long. Now Disney store has teamed up with Oh My Disney to combine all those daily Disney dreams into a lifestyle collection inspired by what fans love. Oh My Disney is the digital destination for a daily dose of Disney, remixing classic Disney stories in a voice that Gen Z and Millennial fans can identify with. This exclusive collection features Disney quotes and phrases on everything from clothing to stationery.

A tongue-in-cheek take on Sleeping Beauty is featured on a travel tumbler that you can fill with all the coffee in kingdom. Who can’t relate to Aurora? She wants just five more minutes of beauty rest. For villain fans, the line of Evil Queen attire and desk accessories features the phrase “Mondays are evil,” a truth that even the Magic Mirror can’t deny.

Merida, Cinderella, The Lion King, and more are all highlighted with their signature attitude and expressions on tees and jackets, and accessories. Enameled pins and embellished pencils make it easy for more demure fans to subtly show off their fandom.

Check out some of our favorites from the Oh My Disney collection in the gallery below and see the whole collection on and in brick and mortar Disney stores.

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Images: Disney store

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