Mistake a word you are fearing whole your life.

The first thought pop up in your head before doing anything you want to do is the fear of doing any mistake.

You stop trying do make more movement because you fear about what people judge you with. You want to get healthier and before stepping up in the Gym the first thought you had in your mind is what people think Of me.

I am skinny, I don’t know how to do a push up, I look awkward doing the reps and much more. And you make this emotion as a block on your way to progress.

But if you question the fear first you wouldn’t be messing up with your emotions. Instead of fearing it take it as a new experience with Positivity. Because everyone do something for the first time and same you have to do.

What if Arnold Schwarzenegger listened to people and never stepped up to the Gym years ago. Albert Einstein listened to his teachers and never try to learn anything himself. They pass it on and question the Why?

If a person is telling you are not good enough or you made that mistake. Tell the question straight to the person Yes I made the mistake so what. And the person become powerless because he left nothing to say anymore.

Keep trying more and more people question your purpose but keep trying harder and hardest.
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