LeBron James wants his fans to know that this upcoming season will be no different from the past. He will, yet again, dominate the NBA.

Over the last couple days, LeBron James has been showing Instagram some love. He posed in the Cavaliers new uniforms, which was our first look at the beautiful jerseys on an actual player. James also had “savage season 15” in his caption. Therefore, it is confirmed: LeBron James will be averaging a triple-double this upcoming season — hopefully.

The Cavaliers’ new uniforms are highlighted by the fresh Nike design along with the Goodyear logo.

Then, today, James posed again for his over 32 million followers. This time James gave us hashtags of “SavageMode” and “ManIFeelSoGood.” Along with his emoji use, it seems James is ready for this upcoming season to start.

Let’s just say, LeBron James is ready to lead his Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals. It will be hard for the King to top this past season though. He averaged over 8 rebounds and 8 assists per game which was the first time in his career to do so. Along with that, James’ insane scoring ability did not take a step back. He scored 26.4 points per game and was efficient as ever. However, while his shooting was effective, James did average a career-high 4.1 turnovers per game and had the highest turnover rate of his career at 16.1%. Nonetheless, James had a brilliant season and will continue his dominance this upcoming season.

Although James was unfairly bounced from MVP voting, he could come back and achieve the honor in his 15th season. The 4x MVP and NBA legend has had quite the speculation around him lately. A report surfaced that James is as good as gone in Cleveland, and since then, multiple reports have denied that.

From his posts, it seems James is happy in Cleveland and ready to put in work for this upcoming season.

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