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( – KFC is using VR technology to train its employees on how to make Original Recipe fried chicken, which the food chain claims to be “an entirely unique, hands-on and modern way.”

“The Hard Way – a KFC Virtual Training Escape Room” is designed as an escape room where Colonel Sanders gives his trainees hints and clues along the way to ensure they are making fried chicken.

“KFC will use the VR simulation to supplement its robust, multi-step employee training program, called Chicken Mastery Certification, which provides detailed eLearning and hands-on training for cooks in each of KFC’s kitchens,” says the company in a statement.

According to Yum!, it takes 25 minutes to make KFC’s Original Recipe chicken, but only 10 minutes to teach the process in VR.

“In 1940 the Colonel was just one man frying chicken by hand. Now we have nearly 19,000 trained cooks across the U.S., but they’re still doing it by hand,” said George Felix, KFC U.S. director of advertising. “Our cooking process hasn’t changed much in 70 years, but the way we can train our cooks using modern technology sure has.”

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