It may be the hardest thing you ever do ?



  1. ❤✌?? I did that and he hates me. All I wanted was the best for him and he thinks I hate him, I don’t hate him I wish he could understand and this is what’s best for him and me…

  2. My long distance boyfriend of three years (I guess he is my ex now) just broke up for the same reason. He didn’t see our paths connecting in our journeys. I understand why he did it but at the same time I was willing to make it work and eventually us move somewhere together. Going through this breakup has been one of the hardest things for me. I loved him and still do. He was my best friend. It’s hard when you picture life going one way and it changes instantly. I know that one day I’ll be fully okay and it takes time. Seeing your video helped me feel some closure. Thank you.

  3. My darling wanted to leave because of our arguments, I let her go because I loved her, but now she’s let herself go and I live in regret… I still agree with this video though ❤️

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