It’s Friday, and we’re all tired. You managed to make it to the end of the week, so take a minute to laugh. Lord knows you deserve it.

If you’re active in the internet meme-o-sphere at all, you may have noticed posts from an Instagram account called @incorrectgotquotes making the rounds lately. Creator Marysia updates the page a few times a day, plastering quotes from movies, TV and the internet onto scenes from Game of Thrones. The results are pleasantly rib-tickling.

“I saw people making these kind of posts with other TV shows/films and since Game of Thrones is my favorite show I made my first edit without thinking too much about what I’m gonna do with it,” Marysia told MashableA high-school senior from Poland, she’s interested and amused by the idea of characters on Game of Thrones, so often straight-laced and serious, speaking like people from modern-day sitcoms and comedies. And with 30,000 followers and counting, it seems like other people are thinking along similar lines.

Posts themed around Jon Snow being a bit self-absorbed and slow seem especially popular:

Although Daenerys gets her fair share of ribbing.

Personally, I recommend more posts about Sam and Bran. — it’s impossible to look at Bran’s placid Three-Eyed Raven face without wanting to stick a subtitle under it.

What AREN’T you thinking?

@incorrectgotquotes aims to “keep you warm until 2019” when Game of Thrones season 8 finally comes to our screens. Until then, we’ll take all the help we can get.

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