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  1. I was going for connor, but even I have to be honest, he focused too much on offense and for the love of god wouldn’t keep his hands up. If it was a UFC fight it would be a different story. They are both great athletes but if taken out of their usual habitat would be easily crushed like connor. Any one can train their hardest but there’s a reason why they both do what they are best at.

  2. Okay but this last clip does not define the fight. Conor was kicking ass before this they were trading hits well. He was getting tired in the end and that’s why mayweather beat him here. He forced Conor to attack the whole time and just countered. Smart but a copout

  3. all he needed was a breather lmao. conor said it himself, he was tired. not hurt. wouldve dominated in the octagon, and still did a hell of a good job for his first fight in boxing against the alleged best fighter out there.

  4. Mayweather kept the sport of boxing respectful. He came out of retirement. 11 years older, shorter reach etc. Boxing is an art of patience. Muhammad Ali for example. Mcgregor needed to lose graciously. ” my legs always get woobly.. wish they kept it going”.. WTF your ass was seconds from a face plant on the mat with coo coo birds floating above. Sorry he’s a soar loser. Mayweather is a boxer and showed his patience. Also punches and arm hits to the back of the head …. save it fir the octagon trash talking fool. What he say 4 rounds then down to 1 round he would knock Mayweather out. Lol. Mayweather knew his game plan and kept to his plan like a seasoned true boxing legend.

  5. Also remember Mayweather way out of his prime. Mcgregor just playing offense whole time just looking for that one punch. Though most were in the back of Mayweathers head and neck. Please for the history and art of boxing stay in the MMAs

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