It’s no secret that Hollywood takes joy in bashing Christianity. Syfy’s new show Blood Drive, which takes place in a dystopian world destroyed by fracking, just joined the slew of liberal TV shows with anti-Christian plotlines.

Wednesday’s episode “Scar Tissue,” had lead characters Arthur (Alan Ritchson) and Grace (Christina Ochoa) held captive in a town where everyone is drugged into believing they live in a Utopia. Grace discovers that the town, supposedly filled with beautiful and happy individuals, is actually a wasteland full of disfigured, sore-covered people due to the trickery of the Reverend. When she tries to reveal the truth to Arthur, the Reverend stops her, saying, “Beloved, ‘charm is deceitful. And beauty is vanity. But the woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.’ Proverbs 30:31.”

Throughout the episode, actual Christian hymns play in the background. In one scene, the popular Christian hymn, “Be Thou My Vision,” plays while the town sacrifices a man.

♪ ♪ ♪ Be thou my vision ♪ ♪ O Lord of my heart ♪

Reverend: Arthur, will you help me with this?

Arthur: What is that?

Reverend: That’s The Scar, son. The real Scar. Not that barren desert that covers the top.

♪ Waking or sleeping ♪ –

Arthur: You sure he’s really that sick? Seems like he’s still so… Alive. –

Reverend: It’s an honor, Not a death sentence. He’s terminal, and this is how he’s chosen to go.

Arthur: I understand. But don’t you think he should spend his last days at home?

Reverend: I know death is upsetting, Arthur. Just take a deep breath.

♪ Tell my great father ♪ ♪ ♪

At the end of the episode, the town holds a wedding service for the drugged Arthur and Reverend’s daughter in a Church complete with pews, prayer books, and hymns. When Julian Slink (Colin Cunningham) arrives to save the day, the Reverend calls him “the devil,” before Julian reveals to the town that the Reverend has been keeping the town captive the whole time “for power.”

Do liberals really believe that Christians are nutty evil-doers, or is the time-tested method of explaining away crazy characters by making them Christians an easy way out for lazy writers? Whatever the explanation, hopefully liberal writers come up with a new favorite theme because, frankly, this one is getting old.

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