It may not be released until next summer, but Marvel fans can’t help but get excited for Deadpool 2.

Now one creative fans has put together their very own impressive poster for the upcoming superhero movie.

Full of Easter Eggs, the artwork, posted to Reddit by P2thaG from Imgur, makes all kinds of references – so see how many you can spot.

First off is the fact that Deadpool is in a coffin underground, a direct reference to Ryan Reynolds’ Spanish thriller, Buried.

Laying back on his Hello Kitty cushion, Deadpool has pictures of his girlfriend Vanessa alongside an iPad which shows Jim Carrey.

The film starring Carrey is The Cable Guy, alluding to the two robotic legs and giant gun that can be seen on the surface.

Brolin’s time-travelling cyborg Cable was revealed in official images last week, looking every bit as tough as his comic book counterpart.

Another noticeable reference is a copy of The Green Lantern on DVD.

The ill-fated movie was Reynolds’ last attempt at a superhero, which didn’t exactly go down well with the critics or the box office.

Lucky for him Deadpool proved the opposite, as hopefully will its sequel.

Deadpool 2 will be released in UK cinemas on June 1, 2018.

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