By Bill Green

Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In one of your championship fights you scored a one punch KO victory and in the next you outboxed Ricky Burns to capture your second title. So are you the puncher or the boxer in this fight?

Indongo: I’m just a boxer, you know. The Troyanovsky KO just happened, it came out of nowhere. I will just be me and let God take care of the rest. I’m excited and blessed for the opportunity to be on such a big stage.

Terence, when your critics said that Postol had a better jab, you took it away and showed yours, when they said Diaz was a pure slick boxer and Olympian…you outclassed and outboxed him. What do you feel Indongo does well and what will you do to neutralize it?

Crawford: I will do exactly that. I will take away what he is confident in doing. He does have good movement and is very confident. I want to test his body and cut off the ring at times. But, you all will have to show up and see how the fight will play out.

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