New Delhi: Maintaining personal cleanliness and hygiene is a good thing as much as it is important.

Our entire body is prone to numerous diseases just from being unkempt and dirty and living in a hygienic manner, not only protects us from diseases and infections, but is also a sign of good health.

But like we clean all parts of our body, ever thought of cleaning your eyes? Sounds strange? Well, if you’re interested, an 80-year-old woman in Bosnia is offering her services to clean your eyeballs.

Her nature of service is not even half as bizarre as her means of cleaning your eyes – she does it with her tongue!

You heard that right! Hava Celebic aka Nana Hava as she’s called, cleans eyeballs using her tongue, and while it may sound weird, she has already cured 5000 people.

According to the Deccan Chrinicle, she offers the treatment for close to Rs 800 and claims that she alone possesses this unique ability to heal with her tongue. She says she has used it to remove pieces of iron, lead, coal and even glass from eyes of her patients and she uses alcohol to sterilise her tongue.

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