Amazing Spider-Man #7

Photo credit: Marvel/Amazing Spider-Man #7

Back in time is our feature where we go back to the very beginning of Spider-Man and run through the history of the character.

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The Vulture makes his return in Amazing Spider-Man #7. During his time in prison, he’s a model inmate, but secretly plans his escape since they gave him access to the machine room. Once he has everything ready, he simply flies over the wall and is on his way to freedom.

Peter hears about it at school while he should be playing volleyball, but he fakes a headache to get out of it. Flash Thompson starts questioning Peter since he always gets headaches right when he should be doing something for school. Even he starts to worry that someone might find out his secret and he should be worried. He’s always disappearing at just the right moments when trouble looms.

The Vulture is intelligent and conniving, which makes him even more dangerous. He’s improved his suit so that the same tricks from Spider-Man won’t work on it. While the wings still look like a simple design, he has enough brain power to continue making adjustments and it’s unlikely he’ll stay in jail for too long again.

Fans loved seeing the Vulture and that’s why Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brought him back. As much fun as Lee had creating Spider-Man and writing the character, you can tell he’s equally excited about the villains, too. Bringing back the Vulture was a smart move and I’m excited to see how they use him next.

As for Peter, this is one of the first issues where we see him with a more serious injury. He takes a nasty fall when he first goes up against the Vulture and sprains his arm. Peter starts to see the consequences he faces when going up against various villains. He still has a lot to learn on this journey and I’m looking forward to how he continues to improve.

We’re following the order from Marvel’s “History of Spider-Man” articles if you’d like to keep up with what we’ll be covering next.

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