08/22/2017 01:38 PMPosted by Tuofir

They said they have a rework in store for her.

That’s it. We know nothing about it besides it’s coming.

And people are panicking and boycotting any possible changes even though we don’t know what they are.

I was OK with Mercy as she was, but I’m open-minded. Hopefully their changes will make her a bit more interesting to play.

People are assuming the worst, and it is upsetting because it seems like she’s getting nerfed after everyone and their grandmother complained about her ultimate.

I feel like people should just learn to counter things instead of complaining about them. When you’re in the middle of a team fight, take out the healers first. If you kill Mercy, she can’t heal her team and they will fall shortly after her. She’ll be dead so she won’t be able to resurrect them. o/ Shocking, I know.

All-in-all, maybe the changes will make life as a Mercy player better. They can nerf her ultimate all they want, just make the woman learn how to walk faster please.

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