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When someone is having a long, tiring, hard day or there is a lot weighing on their mind, sometimes inspirational quotes can give the boost needed to raise our confidence or change our mindset. Sometimes the words of those we respect and admire has the power to make us feel better during a difficult time or even challenge our way of thinking. 

Since February is Black History Month, it’s important to acknowledge all of the talented, strong, beautiful black women that have done amazing things in the world. So, we gathered 50 motivating quotes from all types of fabulous black women. Actresses, singers, politicians, writers, models, and athletes — they are all here, and they all have some incredible advice for women. 

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These quotes can help lift anyone’s spirit, no matter what color they are. They range from the topics of empowerment, self-worth, love, family, work, and more. These celebrities are all talented and wonderful in different ways and it can be refreshing to receive inspiration or advice from those we view as successful. I’m sure everyone can find a quote or two in here to make them smile. 

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