? 49-0 for a reason.
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  1. This fucking kid talking all this shit bro you just came out of your daddy’s ball sack if you know who that is. Get your shit straight and learn to respect before you get taught respect @saldivar909

  2. U don’t need to have huge power to hurt or even ko someone even in sparing you can tell it’s more how sharp the punch is mix that with speed and it’s more then enough then you take a fighter like Floyd who is one of the sharpest most accurate punchers and it really adds up it’s the sharpness of the punch how he lands it and how fast it gets there

  3. But they say he runs lol yaw don’t even notice how he actually steps closer to his opponent while slipping their punch lol… that boy the truth lol… why u think he’s always out of reach to his opponents but his opponents is always within his reach… yaw better respect the science and art behind boxing ?

  4. @bobbyandstuff you have no logic or reasoning In boxing so gtfo. You say cowardice but he’s fought the best and beat the best. Enough said and his record shows it. I’ll be back after Saturday to come shove his 50-0 in your face. And we’ll see what you have to say “boxing expert”

  5. Yeah it doesn’t show how tired these guys are from chasing his ass around the ring, because he’s a runner. You can say he’s a smart Fighter by doing that, but I just say he’s just scared to get hit cuz he’s a pussy.. McGregor is going knock his f****** ass out… 49-1

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