She has a style all her own that is easy to relate to.

Do you ever just look back on all your experiences and see the beauty in them, both good and bad? If I had to guess, I would say most people forever hold certain experiences with disfavor, and associate them with negative qualities without ever seeing a silver lining to them, even after the fact.

Fortunately enough, however, there are more positive people in this world we live in who can see the deeper purpose in a toughest of life lessons, as opposed to just blocking out the experiences altogether.

One of those people is polished poet, Pavana Reddy, who has already published her wildly successful book, Rangoli, which is a collection of poems from her travels throughout her life.

Pavana, may be living in Los Angeles these days, but she moved a lot as a child. She’s lived in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Canada just to name a few.

Throughout her travels Reddy has seen many different cultures, but she says she could never really adjust to one culture because as soon as she would she would relocate again.

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